A few weeks ago I entered a Instagram competition on the Glam Glow page to win the Gravity Mud and the limited edition Gravity Mud face masks, I wasn't expecting to win but I did and I wanted to review the face masks on here! Despite receiving these for free I still tested them out exactly the same I would any other product and I'll share with you my honest opinion. I really wanted to try out Glam Glow products and in particular the Gravity Mud face mask for a long time but I was put off by the price because lets not kid ourselves,  £40 for a face mask is quite steep and a lot of the reviews that I saw online were sponsored posts in which no one ever said anything bad about the product.

Let's start off with a little summary and what the product claims to do. The Gravity Mud claims to firm and tighten your face and deliver a visible face lift. It is powered with Teaoxi Marshmallow and Liquorice Leaf which help with the loss of elasticity in the skin. I tried out both the original Gravity Mud and the limited edition Sonic the Hedgehog version and both work exactly the same, the only difference is that the limited edition version is blue. I really like the fact that the face mask comes with a brush as it really allows you to distribute the product evenly across your face, I did try to apply the product with my fingers just to see whether I got the same results and I definitely prefer the brush because of how easy and mess free it is.

I think everyone has heard of how good the face mask smells and yes I agree it smells divine, like a pina colada. With that being said I think that people with uber sensitive skin are going to have a problem with that. If you follow my blog you probably already know that I have sensitive skin and products that are overly perfumed don't really agree with my skin. I did have a few issues when I first started using this. When I first applied the mask and when it started to sink into my skin I did feel a little tingle, so keep in mind that if your skin is extremely sensitive you will probably experience worse tingling or burning. The tingle did fade away after a little bit and it wasn't very uncomfortable to the point where I felt that I could not leave the product on my face. After the second, third, fourth etc. time I experienced no uncomfortable sensation so that kind of makes me think that my skin was just getting used to a new product but I wanted to mention it because I know it could be a big issue for someone with super sensitive skin.

Despite being a mud mask or being advertised as one this is a peel off face mask which is kind of strange because when I think of a mud mask I think of a clay based mask that has to be washed off. I typically steer away from peeling masks because they tend to irritate my skin but I strangely enjoyed this type of 'peel' because it wasn't painful and too clingy. When the mask dries down it becomes very elasticated and when you peel it off it pulls away form the skin with no trouble, hence why I have no problem putting this on top of my cheeks as it doesn't pull the skin around the eye which I usually find quite painful with peel masks.

As for the results, I really cannot complain because my face always feels fresh and really clear after using this product. The mask does not get rid of spots or acne (keep in mind that it doesn't claim to do that) but it leaves the skin looking really glowing and smooth. I have tried and tested this face mask a lot and I can say that over time my skin started to look more plump and healthier. As I mentioned at the beginning the face masks claims to give you a face lift, honestly I don't think that any cream or serum or even face mask will give you an effective face lift, however I do notice that my skin feels a lot firmer after using this and the contours of my face are more prominent. Overall this does get a thumbs up from me and if you're looking for a nice face mask which will make your face appear more plump this might be the mask for you. I would repurchase this despite the price tag because I know that it truly works and I do enjoy the novelty of a silver mask, if you want to try any of the Glam Glow face masks I did see that they sold smaller 'sample' sizes. I think that I'm going to get the thirsty mud and the youth mud because I have heard some good things about them but again I don't think I would risk it and get the full size straight away because everyone's skin is different and reacts to products differently.

Let me know if you have tried any products from Glam Glow and if you like them because I'd really like to know what your experience with them was!

Dominika xx