Nip and Fab are a well known skincare brand with some iconic products like their glycolic acid face pads which FYI are fabulous! So as soon as I heard that they're coming out with a makeup line I knew that I had to get my hands on some of the pieces. Overall they offer quite a decent range of products for a new line and they're only available at Superdrug but I'm sure they are going to start rolling out new products and expanding soon.

I only picked up a few things form the collection as I didn't really know what to expect and I didn't want to waste my money. I picked up the blush palette which was £8, the eyeshadow palette which features a lot of cool toned neutrals £10 and the concealer as I wanted to try at least one skin product which was £8. Also, they were on a 3 for 2 offer so I got a really good deal. Before I get into the products that I tested and if they're any good I'll give you a quick overview of the whole collection. Let's start with the base, they offer three primers one being a primer water another a blurring primer and the third is marketed as a water based primer infused with vitamin E. They have one foundation that comes in 10 shades which I'd say is a pretty good selection although they do cater more towards lighter skin tones. With that being said they do have two mixers, one really light almost white and one darker which allows you to darken or lighten your foundation colour. There's 3 contouring palettes in different shades and a highlighter palette which has some really nice shades, although when I swatched the highlighter palette in store it seemed a little bit powdery and chunky. Next, they have 6 concealer shades and 4 colour correcting shades in the same formulation as the concealer, I wanted to pick up the yellow shade as it looked like a great colour for under the eyes but unfortunately they were out of stock. They also have a travel palette which comes in 2 shades and has a bronzer, highlighter and blush. They have ten liquid lipsticks which swatched really nicely in store and five lip liner shades. For the eyes they have a standard black mascara which the appearance of didn't wow me enough so that I picked it up but who knows it might be great, they have a few khol eye pencils and eyebrow pencils, a liquid eyeliner and last but not least the eyeshadow palette.

First of all let's start with the eyeshadow palette as I'm pretty sure most people will want to know whether its any good or not. Like I said before it is a cool toned neutral palette but it does have a few warmer tones so I think it would be suitable for anyone. It features 12 shades ranging from lighter 'all-over the lid' colours to transitioning and defining colours as well as a few shimmers. The shadows perform well but some better than others, which isn't such a drawback considering the price point. The lighter shades are definitely more powdery and have more kick back but its nothing you can't work with and if you tap off your brush you're good to go. All in all they are quite smooth and easily blendable. The shimmery shades are also smooth and not glittery, they're more of a subtle glisten rather than a chunky glitter. I have not tried these wet with a fixing spray but I think they would perform quite well. Overall, I think this is a good neutral palette that can be used for a multitude of looks and take you easily from day to night. My favourite shades in this are 'suede' because its a great transition colour, 'camel' as its great for all over the lid before I start any look and 'in vogue' when I want to darken things up.

The blush palette features four shades, cocktail, flamingo, whisper and velvet. Similarly to the eyeshadows this is a good palette if you want a few blush options but don't want to spend heaps of money. I think that the colour selection is really well put together as it will carry you through different seasons and looks. Cocktail is the lightest pink in the palette which looks great with minimal makeup looks and is perfect for the spring months. Also, if you're a fan of layering blushes like me its really nice to go on the center of the cheeks as a brightening colour. Flamingo is a more coral/ peachy shade that would look really gorgeous with a warm toned smokey eye or a coppery eye look. All of the blushes have a slight shimmer in them, nothing super crazy but it gives a healthy glow to the cheeks rather than a straight up matte blush. Velvet is by far my favourite, only because its so easy to throw on. Its a very neutral nude shade which honestly goes with any look that you're rocking, if I don't know what blush to go for I usually go for tones like this because I know it won't clash with anything else that I'm wearing. And lastly we have whisper which is the darkest of the four shades. This is a more mauve shade which would look awesome in the colder months but also with purple eye looks, this is the most daring out of the four blushes but I'd say its still really easy to wear.

Last but not least, I want to talk about the concealer. Originally I wanted to get the yellow colour correcting shade from the range but it wasn't in stock at the time so I went for shade 10 from the normal concealer range. I really really enjoy this concealer! No joke this has become a staple of mine in my makeup routine. I like this because its high coverage and not cakey, you don't need tonnes of it to cover a pimple or redness. Also I really enjoy this because its blendable, it goes onto the skin and blends out really nicely on top of your foundation or whatever you are wearing. It doesn't drag or smudge out and it doesn't patch, also it doesn't take off the product that you already have like some concealers do. And last but not least it dries down! I don't like concealers that stay looking wet and feel like they are going to slide about my face if I don't set them with heaps of powder (even though I set my concealer every time). I am definitely going to pick up the yellow shade when they have it in stock because I enjoy the formula of this a lot.

I also wanted to mention the packaging very quickly. Don't expect some super fancy and sleek packaging with these products. I think that Nip and Fab are able to produce these products at a low price point because they skip out on fancy packaging. Don't get me wrong the packaging isn't terrible its thin and sturdy and see-through which I like because I am able to look at the product but at the same time you can tell that its not amazing quality plastic, never the less the products are nice so its not the end of the world. And that sums up my review of Nip and Fab makeup. Have you tried any of their makeup? If you have let me know what you think in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you. Personally I'd really like to try out the liquid lipsticks because when I swatched them in store they felt quite nice and there was a very nice pinky/nude shade that I liked the look of.

Dominika  xxx