Hello! Long time no post, ehh? I've been a little bit m.i.a for a while now. As you all probably know life gets in the way of things sometimes but I'm back and want to get into the groove of things. I haven't really been posting but I was still buying and testing makeup, so today I want to share with you a few of the goodies I got from Kat Von D makeup. As you probably all know Kat Von D makeup launched online at Debenhams last October and since, they have opened two makeup counters one in the Debenhams on Oxford Street and one in Lakeside. Side note, more often than not Debenhams do their 10% off beauty events and I'm fairly sure that Kat Von D makeup would come under it as most premium brands are included in the offer. 

So let's get started with the haul! I didn't go crazy and buy all of the lipstick shades and other bits and bobs but I got a decent selection of products. I never like buying everything a new brand (to me) has to offer, even if its super hyped up and everyone loves it because I don't know how the products are going to perform on me personally, as everyone has different skin types and preferences. 

I picked up the Lock it Foundation which was £27 because I've been looking for a heavier and fuller coverage foundation as sometimes I just need a little bit more help. I got mine in the shade Light 45 because I'm super pale at the moment and can always just use a little bit more bronzer if necessary.

I also got the Shade and Light palette £37, honestly because I wanted to see what the hype was about. I wasn't really looking for any sculpting and highlighting powders but I have used it a few times and I know its something that will be a favourite of mine. I can do a separate blogpost on it, so let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like to see? 

And last but definitely not least I picked up three of the 'everlasting' liquid lipsticks, which were £17 each. I got the shade Lolita, I feel like everybody and their mother has this shade and honestly, I don't blame them because its such an easy shade to wear. I also picked up the shade exorcism because I thought it would be perfect for the colder months. And I'm not sure why but I got the shade witches. I have never worn black lipstick before and was a little bit intimidated but also really drawn to it, I think with the right eye look it could work really well. 

There you go, that's the end of my Kat Von D haul and a little bit of a life update. Let me know if you have ever tried anything from Kat Von D before and what your favourites are?

Dom xxx