Today I wanted to talk about some Sampar skincare products as I've been using and testing them out for a while now and can finally share my thoughts on them. I will be talking about the Lavish Dream Cream, the Ultra Hydrating Fluid and the Vivid Radiance Serum.

Now I know that all the products I've picked out are aimed at more mature skin and claim to tackle wrinkles, but honestly when picking them out I was looking for hydrating products that wouldn't irritate my skin. The Vivid Radiance Serum claims to restore the firmness of your skin and to keep you youthful. Now I can't say whether this really restores firmness because my skin is quite firm anyway but after using it, my skin was really even and felt smooth to the touch, sometimes the texture of my skin can be a little bit uneven and this got rid of that. When I apply this in the early morning when my skin looks physically tired, I can truly say that it makes my skin look uplifted and not as tired. The serum itself is quite nice and light, its more on the watery side, which I enjoy because I'm not a fan of really heavy serums. It spreads on the skin really nicely and absorbs really well into the skin, there is no sticky residue that you get with some serums. The serum is fragranced which I was sceptical about because my skin prefers really simple creams and serums as its easily irritated but, it has not caused me any irritation so far. Overall, I think this is a winner for me and I will repurchase this product at some point in the future.

Next up is the Ultra Hydrating Fluid, as I mentioned before I was looking for hydrating products because my skin is on the dryer side. This cream claims to quench thirsty skin and protect it all day long. This is a great day cream for someone who doesn't like heavy creams but likes their skin to feel like its deeply moisturised. Its a nice nourishing cream without the heavy feeling which I really enjoy during the day. Again, it doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky and is a good cream to use before your makeup application. The cream absorbs into the skin fully and doesn't make your makeup slip and slide. This is another great cream for me and I will carry on using it until I decide I need something heavier for the colder months. 

Lastly I want to talk about the Lavish Dream Cream. First off, I want to start off with the packaging because I love it! It comes with a kind of pump, you press the whole top of the product and product comes out through the middle.Usually, with thicker creams you'd just get a jar with a lid and personally I'm not a big fan of sticking my fingers in jars because of hygiene reasons, so I think this packaging is well thought through and amazing. Now, lets get onto the cream itself, its quite thick in consistency so I use it at night or when my skin is feeling particularly dry. The cream is mega nourishing and leaves my skin feeling restored when I wake up in the morning, what I mean is that my skin doesn't feel dry or tight, it just feels really balanced. Not only this cream, but the Sampar products I mentioned are on the pricier side so if you're looking for an alternative I'd suggest the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre which is my all time fave!

Let me know if you've tried anything from Sampar before and what your experience with their products was? And what skincare are you currently using? I would love to know because I'm always on a look out for new skincare. 

Dom xx