I love the change of makeup from summer to autumn, although I do enjoy the summery glow I do also like matte skin with a bold lip. Today I wanted to share some of my top lipstick pics for the colder months.

I tried to keep this quite concise, so here are my five top picks for this autumn and winter. First up is the Kiko unlimited stylo lipstick in the shade no.12. I have already spoken about this lipstick in my Kiko Brand Overview post and you already know that I love this formula of lipstick! Its very long wearing and gives a semi-matte finish, but isn't overly drying on the lips like other matte lipstick can be. The shade I recommend for these colder months is a true burgundy colour. Its not an extremely deep burgundy and is on the lighter side, none the less a must have shade this autumn! 

Next up, with a complete matte finish is the Inglot lipstick in the shade 412. This shade is absolutely amazing! The formula of this lipstick is a little bit disappointing, when you swatch it on the back of the hand it seems like it would glide on quite nicely, but on the lips it's drying and bunches up a bit. It does last a long time and if you can get over the dryness of it the colour is stunning. I know that I've just mentioned all the negatives but personally I can put up with it if I want a killer shade! 

Sticking with the red tones is the Revlon Ultra Matte Lipcolor in the shade Passion. I have a few of these lipsticks and really enjoy the formula of them. They are very smooth and pigmented and very comfortable on the lips. I do however have to disagree with the claim that they are fully matte. Once you apply them they don't really dry down to a matte finish, in fact they don't actually fully dry down. This isn't a complete negative, yes you don't get a complete matte finish but the lipstick stays creamy and hydrating on the lips, which I think is a positive with the colder weather. If you do however want a fully matte finish and a lipstick thats fully dried down, just blot off with some tissue and voila!

One of the last lipsticks which is not so much of a red is a MAC lipstick in the shade craving. I think this is perfect for people who are just getting into the statement lips or don't want the commitment of a full dark lip. The lipstick is not a light shade but lighter than the previous lipsticks that I have mentioned. The formula of this lipstick is great, its an amplified finish and is creamy and smooth on the lips. The shade is more on the purple/mauve side but is not dramatic, I think it would be great as a darker every day colour for the colder months. 

Last but not least, I wanted to mention the Kiko Ultra Glossy lipstick in the shade 802. Yep, a great nude. I know most people love that dark statement lip durning this season (and so do I) but sometimes you just have to keep it simple. This is a great glossy nude lip colour that doesn't require a lot of commitment, you don't have to worry about it smudging and smearing and looking like a clown. I think during autumn and winter we also tend to go a little bit heavier on the eye makeup (at least I do) and I think that nude lips just help to tone down the intensity and bring the look together. Sometimes when you pair a dark copper smokey eye with a dark burgundy lip it can look a little bit overdone and too much. 

And this concludes my top five lipstick picks for autumn and winter this year! Let me know what your favourite lipsticks and colours are for this season and what you're eyeing up to buy, I know I'll definitely be picking up the NYX matte lipcream in the shade copenhagen (i think that's the one I want anyway). 

**swatches from right to left: kiko ultra glossy lipstick, MAC craving, Revlon Ultra Matte, Kiko Unlimited Stylo and Inglot Lipstick.

Dom xx