About Me

I’m Dominika a third year student studying Film and Television and American Studies at the University of Nottingham, but one of my biggest interests is beauty; so I decided to start a blog and share my thoughts with other like minded makeup and beauty junkies. I will share my opinions on make up, skincare and hair products that I enjoy using… but also the ones that I don’t, as well as various makeup looks. 

I also really enjoy fashion, DIY’ing and all round crafty stuff so you can also expect some OOTD and how to style posts along with an occasional DIY and Recipe post, because lets face it why wouldn't I want to share how to make a yummy guilt free snack. 

I’m really excited to finally start my blog and post about the things that I enjoy and see where this takes me; for now though I would appreciate any feedback that you may have and thanks for reading.

Dom xo 

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